14 Feb

Do I Need Personal Training To Get Results

Yes and here’s why…

When it come to anything in life you need a pro to help you with knowledge to play at high levels, even Michael Jordan had and may still have coaches.

Throughout life you will get really (I mean really really) good at maybe 1 or 2 thing and some high achievers maybe a few more, but you can’t be a pro at every aspect of something like health and fitness.

Some will dominate when it comes to the nutrition but my not be as good with the working out part or vice versa. If you take a look at Arnold Schwarzenegger you will find that he was coached and he had a little extra help if you know what I mean!?! lol

The point is that no matter how good you are now or how much you know about the main 4 components to getting health, lean and fit, there will always be something more to learn or do.

Personal Training Cost Too Much

Most personal training cost around $50 for an hour and if you are just looking at the cost then yes I would agree $50 per hour seems like a lot.

Here, lets look at it from a different angle. Most people get started with little to no knowledge of how to get results. They are not eating the right foods at the right time and resting way too much between sets. Especially with having the biggest distraction right in there hand the whole time. Ok I understand that you use your phone for music but put the damn thing on a song and put it in your pocket and get to work! You know what I’m talking about, I know you do!

If you were a professional at kitchen & bathroom remodeling like that guy is then most likely you would hire someone that is a professional at the marketing or accounting aspects to make the business run smooth and successful.

When everyone with different strengths come together it can create a powerful team headed in the same direction.

Personal training is going to be much safer and you will learn how to use the equipment correctly, not to mention they are going to push you to get the results that you are looking for.

So yes and no… personal training costs too much.

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What Are The Benefits of Personal Training?

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05 Feb

What is The Best Work Out Program?

Isn’t that the ultimate question?

As you continue to read this blog post about the best workout program, you will not only learn about my program that I’m currently doing, but you will learn that there is no such thing.

So what is it that I do?

So the main workouts that I do looks like this – I usually go a four week span where in the first week I do three sets of 20 with a little bit lighter weight. My second week I drop down to about three sets of 15 and I do increase the weight A bit. On the third week I increase the sets to 4 to 5 and I drop the reps down to 6 to 8. I increase the weight again. On the fourth week I do three sets of six different workouts and one specific muscle groups.


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27 Jan

How To Avoid Injury

More often than not, you will suffer from some kind of injury. Everyone has to start somewhere and when you are just getting going with your very first workouts you must be careful, take it easy in the beginning. This will increase your chances of avoiding that pesky injury.

Getting hurt or overworking a muscle or two is never any fun for anyone… Unless you like to have an excuse to not work-out… lol

When your body isn’t conditioned, pretty out of shape, you need to lift litter weights and try not to do repetitive motion for a long period of time. Your body may be out of alinement as well a good chiropractor visit may be a good idea before you jump in to better your health. As you continue working out you will start to see some results, your smaller stabilizer muscles will also get stronger and you will be able to increase the amount of weight that you can throw up.

Using correct form when lifting is also key to escape getting injured. There are videos floating on the internet all about how to properly carry out each type of exercise. All you need to do is watch and learn the dos and do-nots of performing anything you want in the gym.

If you are like most of us the do suffer from that waste of time getting hurt crap then… don’t stop working out and do take it easy with the part of your body the is in the discomfort. It’s good to increase blood flow to any area that may be hurting because it will help get good cells in there to do some repair work.

Kinda like when my roof on my house started leaking and I had to call a roofing company to take it to get fixed… At least the roof can’t feel when it brakes down, well I think anyways!

Just remember that any injury takes time to heal and if you fail to provide that time you may just suffer for longer then need. Oh, and always go to a doctor or chiropractor when you are in severe pain to get it checked out.

Tip of the day- burn more fat each day then you eat!

…and here’s a laugh for ya…

23 Jan

How To Get Ripped Fast

Everyone one this planet wants to look hot and sexy, right?

You got it!

So why is there such a problem with so many fat people?


Well there are many other factors that come into play as well like, diet, exercise, genetics, fitness IQ and the list goes on and on…

So what on this beautiful earth could I begin telling you that would help you reach your goals?

  • Eat Right
  • Workout
  • Keep at it
  • Continue to learn about what is best for your body

Sounds easy right!

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